Jim Sims has been tuning and restoring pianos since 1961, after completing formal training at the Rockwell’s School of Tuning in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. From the start, his care and attention to customer’s needs inspired him to change the entire persona of the piano technician from utilitarian to an individual who is truly passionate about making each piano sound a sweet as possible—to perfection. He is the trained and seasoned professional to take care of all your instrument’s needs. Pricing is based on a flat fee for the tuning appointment which may include minor repairs. If your piano needs further work or regulation, he will give you an estimate of the time and price for the recommended work.

Randy Sims learned the trade of tuning and piano technician work from his dad, Jim, and has been tuning pianos since 1987. He also performs repair work to acoustic and digital pianos in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Additionally, he has more than 10 years experience installing, repairing, and upgrading the latest player systems from QRS.