Piano Repair

Digital Repair

We are Registered & Authorized for local Kawai Technical Support – and can only perform repairs on Kawai digital pianos. For houses of worship, our service generally includes providing a demo digital piano for use while repairs are performed on the units here at our shop.

Acoustic Repair

Jim is a master craftsman piano technician and has the ability to completely rebuild a piano, but also knows when to tell that an element is beyond repair OR the repair exceeds the value of the piano. (This is when it is important to take into account the sentimental value of your piano.)

* All major repairs to interior or exterior of pianos can be done at our shop. *

Jim will frequently visit a customer for a basic tuning, and as the need for major repairs is identified Jim will give you a written estimate of the work and cost required. * Please call the shop for questions, as this is usually a case by case issue.

Repair Service Hrs: 8AM- 5PM Monday-Friday