Pre-Loved Knabe Upright – $2,100 $1,499

Piano is in excellent condition sporting a dark mahogany coat with a small form factor but vibrant voice. Musically correct and the perfect piano for someone with limited space an budget.

“Knabe pianos are handmade, limited production pianos created in the finest tradition of over 300 years of piano crafting. Production pianos have their place in the world of music. They are tonally consistent and durable, but they lack the “soul” of a handcrafted instrument. Each handmade Knabe has its own personality. When you play a Knabe, you will sense the difference. The rich and wondrous tonal quality of the Knabe has often been described as the nearest approach to the human singing voice. Listen to the tone of today’s Knabe – no piano in the world has a voice quite like it.” -Official Knabe Website.