Pre-Loved Cable Upright Piano – $1,200

This Cable Co. Upright is in great condition and featured in our Upright showroom.

The Walnut finish has maintained and nice shimmery gloss and the piano still sounds bright and full of color.

These pianos are well known for their reliability and long lasting attributes. This would be a smart purchase for a buyer wishing to save some money on a used piano that looks good, plays good, costs less, and will last them for many years to come.


The original Cable Piano, an instrument of high standing and one which has always attained great popularity, is sold extensively in all parts of the United States and abroad. It possesses that pleasing attribute an exceptionally sweet tone, one of richness and exquisite delicacy, especially recommending it for studio and home use. Its lasting qualities are as excellent as skill, first-class workmanship and patient attention to the infinite details that piano building can insure. The original Cable Piano not only has the best qualities that distinguish an instrument of high standing, but those superior qualities of tone and action which are rendered possible by a construction and design especially adequate to the production of such desirable results. The Cable Studio piano, due to its rugged durability, has been selected and recognized by many schools, colleges, music conservatories and public institutions where long lasting service is a requisite. The durable features embodied in original Cable pianos over many years are still being employed in attractively designed consoles and spinets. -A description of Cable Co. Piano by Blue Book of Pianos