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Digital Piano Markdowns At Extraordinary Low

Jim’s Pianos has had the honor of selling the newest Kawai digital piano. However we do still posses used models in perfect condition. These models generally possess all the same features. Playback, record, and even store music on these models. 

We are currently offering used digitals at thousands below retail. These pianos will not last long. We are selling the ones in our showroom daily to students and teachers alike. The lifetime on these pianos is incredible and you never need a tuning.

A digital piano are the perfect choice for beginners and masters alike. I say this because they are entirely future-proof. You can learn to play great pieces, and record them. Yet you can also make your own music and record that too. Students can see first hand the fruits of their labor when recording their own masterpiece. 

Stop by today or visit our online showroom for pricing. Call, email or chat for any questions!

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