Acoustic Piano Image

When it comes to buying a piano, many customers ask themselves this question: should I get an acoustic or digital piano? Ultimately it comes down to preference, but there are a few key factors every potential buyer should consider.


The biggest difference can sometimes be the instrument’s price. Some new acoustic pianos can cost upwards of $20,000, while a brand new digital piano may only reach a few thousand dollars. For price-conscious buyers or beginners, several grand for an instrument may be too much. However, the luxury of a Kawai Baby Grand may be exactly what you’re looking for.


An Upright piano will take up significantly less space than a Grand, but a digital piano will take up even less room. Transporting the instrument is also easier, especially when you factor in the weight difference. For large homes or concert venues, size shouldn’t be an issue.


Digital pianos can have problems related to software and hardware, and acoustic pianos require tuning and servicing. With either investment, taking proper care of your piano is important. With no need for tuning, a digital piano might be the right choice if you don’t think you can afford regular tuning.

Sound and Feel

The biggest difference comes down to personal preference, and should carry the most weight when making your final decision. The sound of the piano and how it plays is the most important consideration. Digital pianos offer many different sounds and settings, as well as the distinct advantage of volume control. An acoustic piano can be very loud, but a digital has volume control and even headphone support.

For some people there’s no replacing the authentic sound of strings and hammers. While digital gets closer to the real thing every year, acoustic pianos will always have a place. Because of their physical properties, playing an acoustic piano will have a different feel than a digital one. Again, it all comes down to preference, so stop by Jim’s Pianos and see for yourself which is right for you.