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Jim's can upgrade any previous system to QRS.

We invite you to view this informative video

Your acoustic piano can become to today's impressive technology with PNOscan.
Want to RECORD from your grand or COMPOSE with Garage Band or other software?
You need QRS PNOscan !

PNOscan can be installed completely separate from the player system.  It can also include the key stop rail for practice in SILENT mode.

Plus, the entire PNOscan bundle can be a part of your player piano.  It will record what you've played and literally play it right back to you!

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Player Systems

QRS is front and center of player piano technology!
GO Wireless with the PNOmation II (Pianomation Two)!
Upgrade your current system even if it is NOT QRS!
Be amazed having PNOmation installed for the first time!

Look up your favorites
to enjoy on your QRS player system!

Quick Reference for
PNOmation II Support Links

• USB port for Flash Drive or Memory Stick 
• Speakers installed for quality orchestration sound 
• Piano and orchestration volumes adjust separately 
• 90 Day Trial of ALL QRS music
• 300+ songs FREE with start-up songlist 
 2 FREE albums to download upon warranty registration 
• 5 Year Warranty on all systems and upgrades

This IS the best system for your money !

Jim's QRS system includes...
1. Pick up and Delivery of your piano
2. QRS Certified Technicians working on your piano
3. Allow 2-3 Weeks for Completion
4. Pre-Delivery Tuning

These grands already have a player system installed.
Save Money by purchasing a used grand with the latest technology!

PNOscan Features of QRS PNOmation:

PNOscan and Silent Practice made possible with accessories to enhance the enjoyment of your piano and bring its technological capabilities into the 21st century!

Choose from 2 Bundles:

1)  Playback & Record Bundle
  • Includes the Playback Bundle.
  • PNOscan II sensors and integrations.
  • Record, Playback, Perform, Save and Practice.
  • PNOcloud auto record, auto save and auto upload feature set. *Due out in July 2014.
  • Practice and Perform.

2) Playback, Record & Practice Bundle
  • Includes the Playback & Record Bundle.
  • Key Stop Rail for practicing in silence.
  • Headphones.
  • Practice in Silence Capabilities.

Click Here to See More on PNOscan capabilities.

Player Pianos

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